Why Robert Naylor Should be Your Sacramento Lobbyist


“In 32 years of full time involvement in public policy advocacy, I have participated in hundreds of efforts to win successful outcomes on legislation, regulations, procurement and public relations initiatives at the state and local levels. These efforts have spanned the spectrum of subject matter areas, including transportation, taxation, civil justice, environment, health care, social services, employment law and education. I have managed several bills every year and am well acquainted with the leadership and most members of the Legislature. My advocacy has focused not only on the Legislature. Almost uniquely among Sacramento lobbyists, I have dealt with a large variety of state administrative agencies from the Department of Finance and the Franchise Tax Board to virtually every major department of state government.”

Can Quarterback a Team Effort

“In establishing Robert W. Naylor Advocacy, I am focusing my efforts on problem solving for clients in the public policy arena in a cost effective manner. That will largely involve relying on my own experience and resources. But where more is needed, whether by way of additional lobbying resources or professional public relations, or specialized legal advice, or lobbying and campaign compliance counsel, or other specialties (economic analysis, procurement strategy), I am closely acquainted with the best talent in Sacramento and can assemble a team that will assure the best chance of success.”

Cost Effective

“I have been part of many lobbying efforts on very limited budgets, and many where price was no object. In the current environment, clients want their matter to get the attention it deserves for a competitive, reasonable cost. I am committed to working hard for reasonable monthly retainers and will negotiate according to the difficulty of the project. My hourly rate as a government law attorney is 30 to 50 per cent less than others in Sacramento.”

State Bar Canon of Ethics

“Robert W. Naylor Advocacy was set up as a law corporation not only because I am a lawyer, but because I want clients to know they have my commitment to avoiding legal conflicts of interest, to maintaining confidentiality under the attorney client privilege, and to strictly adhering to the laws relating to lobbyist disclosure and ethical conduct.”

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