Robert W. Naylor, Respected California Lobbyist

Veteran California lobbyist and attorney Bob Naylor has been sought out by large and small businesses, transportation agencies, local governments and non-profit organizations for his strategic advice and problem solving assistance on a myriad of issues in California’s legislature and executive branch agencies.

Robert Naylor has been working with California lawmakers and gubernatorial administrations for over 30 years and has served as a California lobbyist for 22 of those years. He has closely observed the political process and evolution of public policy over that career and developed a keen sense of what works and does not work in solving problems with legislation, the state budget and state regulation.

As a California lobbyist, Bob Naylor gets results because he is respected by lawmakers, key staff and other lobbyists and has deep familiarity with major issues.

As a lawyer, Naylor also offers the advantages of attorney-client privilege and strict adherence to the legal canon of ethics governing confidentiality and avoidance of conflicts.

Bob Naylor has worked in large coalitions and on many projects with a single client interest to support, modify or defeat legislation or regulations. While he relies mainly on his own experience and resources as a Sacramento lobbyist, he is also well acquainted with the other expert talent which can be brought to bear on a given problem: other specialized legislative advocates, government law attorneys, public relations specialists, public policy analysts and campaign consultants, if and when needed.

After serving in the California Legislature for eight years, Naylor built his credentials as a respected California lobbyist by representing a wide variety of interests.

  • Representing the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority for 20 years before the Legislature, Caltrans and the California Transportation Commission.
  • Represented key California high tech companies on important tax reform issues.
  • California lobbyist on civil justice issues for several Fortune 500 companies.
  • One of top California lobbyists for first clean fuel regulation adopted by the California Air Resources Board.
  • Assisted numerous businesses seeking contracts with California State Agencies.
  • Led legislative damage control efforts for major companies caught up in controversy not of their making.